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Virus Name

BugFix, I-Worm.Loveletter, IRC/Loveletter, Love Bug, LOVE-LET.VBS, LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs, Loveletter, Troj/LoveLet-A, VBS.Loveletter.a, VBS/LoveLet-A, VBS/LoveLet-B, VBS/LoveLet-C, VBS/LoveLet-E, VBS_LoveLetter, veryfunny.vbs

NameTypeSub TypeDifferences
VBS/Loveletter.bVirusVbScriptSubject="Susitikim shi vakara kavos puodukui..."
VBS/Loveletter.cVirusVbScriptSubject="FW: Joke", Files="Very Funny.vbs","Very Funny.HTM"
VBS/Loveletter.dVirusVbScriptExtra " -" due to editor corruption,not spreading.

Date Added

Virus Information
 Discovery Date:5/4/00
 Risk Assessment:High-Outbreak
 Minimum Engine:4.0.35

Virus Characteristics
*Note: After applying the applicable EXTRA.DAT or 4077 DAT, ensure that the extensions .VBS, .HTM are included when scanning.*

This is a VBScript worm with virus qualities. This worm will arrive in an email message with this format:

Subject "ILOVEYOU"
Message "kindly check the attached LOVELETTER coming from me."
Attachment "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs"

If the user runs the attachment the worm runs using the Windows Scripting Host program. This is not normally present on Windows 95 or Windows NT unless Internet Explorer 5 is installed.

When the worm is first run it drops copies of itself and writes an .HTM file in the following places :


It also adds the registry keys :



in order to run the worm at system startup.

This worm searches all drives connected to the host system and replaces the following files:


with copies of itself and it adds the extension .VBS to the original filename. So PICT.JPG would be replaced with PICT.JPG.VBS and this would contain the worm.

The worm also overwrites the following files:


with copies of itself and renames the files to *.VBS.

This virus locates instances of the following file types:


and if found, makes them hidden and copies itself as these filenames except with .VBS extension. For instance, if file exists as "2PAC.MP3", this now becomes a hidden file and the virus is copied as "2PAC.MP3.VBS".

The worm creates a file "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.HTM" which contains the worm and this is then sent to the IRC channels if the mIRC client is installed. This is accomplished by the worm replacing the file SCRIPT.INI.

After a short delay the worm uses Microsoft Outlook to send copies of itself to all entries in the address book. The mails will be of the same format as the original mail.

This worm also has another trick up it's sleeve in that it tries to download and install an executable file called WIN-BUGSFIX.EXE from the Internet. This exe file is a password stealing program that will email any cached passwords to the mail address MAILME@SUPER.NET.PH

In order to facilitate this download the worm sets the start-up page of Microsoft Internet Explorer to point to the web-page containing the password stealing trojan.

The email sent by this program is as follows :

-------------copy of email sent-----------
From: [victim machine name]@[victim IP address]
To: mailme@super.net.ph
Subject: Barok... email.passwords.sender.trojan
X-Mailer: Barok... email.passwords.sender.
trojan---by: spyder
Host: [machine name]
Username: [user name]
IP Address: [victim IP address]

RAS Passwords:...[victim password info]
Cache Passwords:...[victim password info]
-------------copy of email sent-----------

The password stealing trojan is also installed via the following registry key:


to autorun at system startup. After it has been run the password stealing trojan copies itself to WINDOWS\SYSTEM\WinFAT32.EXE and replaces the registry key with


Existence of files mentioned above, replacement of files as mentioned above. Email propagation as described above. IRC file distribution as mentioned above.

Method Of Infection
This virus will run if Windows Scripting Host is installed. Running the email attachment received either accidentally or intentionally will install to the local system, and also to all available drives, send via email message as an attachment and also via IRC if installed.

Removal Instructions
Detection and removal of all known variants available from the download links below. This file is updated as of May 10, 2000 - 07:46 AM.

VirusScan 4.0.3+ with 4.0.35 Engine

Toolkit 8+

Included in this download is a README.TXT which explains the detections covered by this update.

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