WARNING! - Downloads are only provided and allowed for CAMH Computers !

WARNING! - Before you install this software please make sure that you
"uninstall" any other antivirus program !

How to download antivirus program?

"Please Read it all, before you email me - Thank You"

1) At first you have to email me at the email: avadmin@camh.net
* Your email address must be on our email system (which will confirm that your are CAMH employee)

2) You have to specify which operating you are using, example: Win95, Win98, WinNT4 Workstation or Server

3) I will reply to you with secure link to our FTP site, where you can download the software to your PC (usually you download to c:\temp folder)

4) Depends on speed of you connection to the Internet download can take from 10min to 1h

5) After succesfull download you have to uncompress the file and run SETUP.EXE and follow default installation

6) To setup your software so it will autoupdate itselt every week click here